Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LAPIS paper award winner: Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro

Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro is the winner of the LAPIS paper award for best paper presented by a section member at the 2006 LASA Congress in Puerto Rico. The award was presented at the LAPIS section meeting during the 2007 LASA Congress in Montréal. Thanks also to Maria Escobar-Lemmon, Bonnie Field, and Steve Wuhs for all their hard work on the paper award committee.

Abstract: In light of extensive decentralization in much of the world, analyses of citizen satisfaction with democracy that treat citizens as subjects of their national governments alone are incomplete. In this article, the author uses regression analysis of unique survey data from Argentina to explore the relationship between local government performance and citizen satisfaction with democracy. She demonstrates that there is indeed an important link between local government performance and citizen system support but also that citizens distinguish between qualitatively different types of government performance. Certain measures of local government performance, such as corruption, have ramifications for citizens' evaluations of the functioning of their democracy and even for citizens' faith in democracy per se. At the same time, other types of local government performance, such as local bureaucratic inefficiency, do not reverberate beyond the local sphere. These results suggest mixed implications for future democratic stability in Latin America.

Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, “The Local Connection: Local Government Performance and Satisfaction with Democracy in Argentina,” Comparative Political Studies, forthcoming. Available here.

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