Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Call for Papers on Executive-Legislative Relations

Colombia International, a refereed journal published by Political Science Department of the University of the Andes in Bogotá, is inviting interested parties to submit articles for a special edition on the relationship between the executive and legislative branches of government, more specifically related to the allocation of public investment. This edition will be published in December, 2008. We are seeking original articles that explore and broaden current debates pertaining to the following themes:

- Decentralization and fiscal policy
- Political process and public investment
- Electoral influences and public investments
- Pork barrel allocations
- Budgeting and the political cycle
- Political economy of clientelism
- Political economy of populism

Articles should not exceed 9,000 words (Times New Roman, 12) including graphs, tables, footnotes and bibliography. The bibliography must be placed at the end of the text. Book references must include: author's first and second names, title, place of publication, publisher, year of last edition, and pages cited; references must include: author's first and second names, title in quotation marks, name of journal, magazine or newspaper, volume, year of publication (if it is a daily newspaper, include full dates and cite specific pages).

Occasionally, documents in English and Portuguese will be considered for the publication. Articles, including an abstract, should be sent electronically (in Word or rtf) by August 1, 2008 to the following recipient:

Luis Bernardo Mejía
Assistant Professor
Political Science Department
Universidad de los Andes
Bogotá, Colombia

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