Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New LAPIS social network site

As blog/web coordinator for LAPIS, I've recently set up a Ning community for LAPIS. If you would like to join, please email me at mcentellas@gmail.com and I'll add you as soon as I can (I'll be traveling over the summer).

So far, we (Anibal Perez-Liñan and I) are just starting to set up the Ning site. For those of you unfamiliar with Ning, it is a social network site that can be tailored to specific groups and/or organizations. If you're familiar with Facebook, it's like that. Except that it is limited in membership to only those people who are invited by administrators (so far that is Anibal and myself, though we can expand that to the rest of the LAPIS executive community and a few others later). So this is meant to be a "professional" social network.

My idea for it is to stand as a place where those of us who study Latin American politics (and particularly political institutions) can keep in contact ("network"), share ideas (any member can start a discussion forum), post links to important resources and/or news relevant to our scholarly community (e.g. new data sources, calls for papers, interesting conferences, etc.). Hopefully, it will be updated more frequently than the LAPIS blog (my apologies for having dropped the ball on that this past semester), but not so frequently that it becomes a burden. More than anything else, it should be an interactive forum for LAPIS news (like a section newsletter).

To take a look at the site as it currently stands, here is the link:


Please let me know what you think. I'll be traveling this summer (doing research in Bolivia), but will try to keep up with my email as best I can.

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